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Posted by BankersClub (Member # 35635) on :

Flying Horses
Only The Wild Ones
Rice Water
Be Gone
Circles Around The Sun
Open Up
Bang Bang
Midnight Lorry (w/ Marco Benevento)
The General
Skin The Rabbit
Outloud -> Time (Pink Floyd) -> Outloud
Bats in the Belfrey

Here We Go (w/ Marco Benevento)
Could You Be Loved (Bob Marley & The Wailers) (w/ Guster and Marco Benevento)
Posted by Last One Shot (Member # 1626) on :
Freaking great show. Couldn't have asked for a better night. Its been 10 years since I've seen Guster, and they are still just as good.

Dispatch sounded so good. tight harmonies all around, great setlist.
Posted by BankersClub (Member # 35635) on :
LastOneShot--- just curious. Where did you see Guster last? I too last saw them nearly 10 years ago.

Thoughts on Dispatch---- Out of all of the sets they've played this tour this was arguably one of the best or maybe the best.

Horses was fine-- solid all around. Crowd was instantly into it. OTWO was awesome. Chad's trombone playing was a good addition. Rice Water is GREAT live.

Flag.... always seems to.... slow the crowd down arbitrarily with its.... lousy flow. But Embree and Sawitzke crushed their instruments which made a song I don't really care for stand out. Rice Water into Flag is great thematically "We don't need flags like we don't need colors" line.

Elias was solid. Crowd was into it but maybe not expecting it so early.

Be Gone was incredible live. I was so happy to see them play it and it far exceeded my expectations. I was really hoping to get CATS and they delivered. Looked like Brad had some harmonica hiccups though.

Open Up was great-- brad's drums were a little soft/quiet though. Josephine is a favorite. Was a good change of tempo and let crowd catch its breath.

Bang bang, which I'm kind of over, was really entertaining and fun with Embree and Sawitzke. Easily my favorite version.

Beto was strange. I liked it but it felt like Embree decided to convince Brad to play it in Rx Bandits style. Not what I expected but awesome.

Midnight Lorry-> The General was a great progression. Loved both. Crowd was nuts for The General-- obviously.

Skin the rabbit was way better live than recorded version.
Outloud-Time was so sweet. Dispatch nailed Pink Floyd.

Bats in the Belfrey was great but morphed into a reggae jam style of the song before speeding back up and going crazy.

Here We Go was a really fun encore song. Guster came out on stage to finish up with a sweet Marley cover that the crowd really got into. Could you be loved felt like an ode to Philly being the city of brotherly love.

Would have liked to have seen another song to end on after that, but in a way, it was perfect.

Quick word on the first opener... Marco Benevento was not great. Lots of cringeworthy moments and he seemed kind of lost joining in on the dispatch songs. Brad had to coach him on a few times.

And finally...

State Radio was on the stage last night.

Chad, Embree and JR need to just go ahead and announce it because they kicked ass and it was clear Chad was in the mood to rock.

Predicting it now. I hope I'm right.
Posted by Last One Shot (Member # 1626) on :
Oh man, the only times I've seen them was in 2006 @ Festival Pier (with Donavon Frankenreiter and Ray LaMontagne) then the Electric factory in 2007, and both of those shows were absolutely incredible.

But I agree on the sentiments of "State Radio" up there. While they were playing Skin the Rabbit, (and because I was close up) it took me back to those days. It felt like SR, it had that energy. It was such a great feeling.

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