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Posted by Connor (Member # 7698) on :
Anyone else feel like this guy has a shot? The past 8 years have jaded me a bit but I feel like I've finally found a candidate I want to give my money to and get out in the streets for.
Posted by Evan (Member # 1100) on :
Has a shot? No.

Has my support? Yes.
Posted by sgtcampsalot (Member # 1344) on :
No shot at the nomination, but has a shot at making an impression.

I just want a president to stop pushing for military action everywhere.

You know what I'd really like? I'd like a president who would apologize to other nations and other cultures for all the BS that western nations have imparted on them for centuries. I'd like that a lot.
Posted by AxidentProneAndy (Member # 1383) on :
Originally posted by Evan:
Has a shot? No.

Has my support? Yes.

Posted by Connor (Member # 7698) on :
His numbers now seem to be around the same that Obama's numbers were during his 2008 campaign. I think it's hard to deny that he has some chance of winning, however small that is (although a lot has changed since I first made this post).

What are your guys' thoughts about the election? We are all pretty politically mindful here, so it'd be nice to see some discussion. I love Bernie as a person and will vote for him at the very least because of his views on foreign interventionism, criminal justice reform, and campaign finance reform. However, I am reminded of what I don't like about the far left: a lot of his supporters seem to think the federal government will solve all of our problems without understanding how the problems got so bad in the first place.

Sanders also gives me hope that he can revitalize this country into political activism and getting people to care about things like local elections, because without people giving a shit about their local representative our system cannot work.

I also have no idea who else I could possibly vote for without holding my nose.

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Posted by omar bay (Member # 2261) on :
Why hasn't SR endorsed Bernie Sanders? Why aren't they out there campaigning for him? Performing at fundraisers for him? I don't understand how they can be so socially conscious and speak out against injustice, but when it comes to politics they remain silent. I messaged them on Facebook about this and didn't even get a reply. SR is/was my favorite band, but their apathy is killing me. They could energize a whole lot of young voters to get to the polls...something we have a big problem doing. #Bernie2016
Posted by Connor (Member # 7698) on :
I think SR is on the backburner for awhile. I am surprised Chad hasn't spoken about it though. Yesterday was disheartening as a Bernie fan.

I get the feeling that Chad felt kind of burnt by Obama. But I agree with you that it seems odd that Chad would be on the streets for Occupy Wall St and then stay silent this whole election season.

Based solely on his social justice message (and his campaign finance message), Bernie was obviously my favorite. I don't think he has a chance anymore, which is really upsetting for a voter who sees these as the top two issues.

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